RYDERS@PONGGOL is one of the pioneer wakeboarding operators in Singapore. We've been around since 1986 (previously known as PSSA - Ponggol Sea Sports and Accessories) and had recently, in 2010, merged with Ryders to become the new RYDERS@PONGGOL!


Being the Largest Wakeboarding operator in Singapore, we are able to meet high demands and hold corporate events.

Our motto - "Where Big Air Rules!" tells it all. 

Getting big air when you ride is not just about boat wakes - it's about technique (and of course, we do have boats with the big wakes to add a few extra feet to your already big air jumps.)

Here in RYDERS@PONGGOL, we strive to make you ride, looking like a PRO, soaring like a BIRD - Get the picture? Yet, not forgetting safety... of course!

As we all know, fundamentals in any sport is crucial in the development of good habits, technique and consistency. Here, our instructors are constantly improving ourselves in our teaching techniques (especially in instilling good fundamentals in your riding) so that you, our valued customers, will be able to reap the fruit of your labour to see progressive and instantaneous results and improvements with just a few riding sessions with us.


AND, not forgetting Excellent Customer Service, our crew of fun and friendly instructors will definitely make your riding experience an adrenaline pumping one, full of stoked-out fun & worth your $$$!


RYDERS@PONGGOL - Whether you're a total beginner, leisure rider or someone who want to nail every sick trick in the last wakeboarding DVD you've watched... we are ready for you!


Hope to see you soon "Wakeboarders & Newbies"!